A project to document testimonials from people displaced in 1948. Testimonials are collected from women and men who witnessed An Nakba, both from inside Palestine (West Bank, Gaza and territories of ‘48), and the diaspora (Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt and Chile). The interviews cover Palestinian refugee camps, cities and villages. The interviews are recorded using cassette tapes (voice), and some are... more
A project to collect oral interviews with pioneer Palestinian women who were distinguished because of their contributions to the Palestinian struggle on national, Arab and international levels, both from inside Palestine and the diaspora. Documentation is done through a group of men and women narrators who know those pioneer women, were school mates, are family members, or worked with them during... more
A project to conduct oral interviews with men and women from inside Gaza Strip who were wounded during the Israeli aggression on Gaza in July – August 2014, and wounded people who left the Strip to seek treatment in hospitals in Jordan, Jerusalem, Nablus and Egypt. The interviews cover the types of multiple injuries, and the massacres committed by the Occupation in the entire Gaza strip. The... more
Collecting traditional silver pieces which were worn by Palestinian women and girls, reproducing similar sterling silver pieces, and producing new silver pieces inspired by heritage. Photographic pictures are artistically taken of the old and new silver pieces. The pictures will be published in a book as well as on the Center’s website. The new silver pieces will be sold to serve the Center’s... more